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Name:    Heong Chee Meng     Gender: Male
Family: Married, no children

Nationality: Malaysia (Eligible for UK Settlement Visa)

Education: B. Eng (Elect) U. Malaya, Hons 2nd Upper, 1985
email: cm_dot_heong_at_gmail_dot_com (please substitute @ for _at_ and . for _dot_)
My PGP Public Key  

Languages   spoken & written: English, Bahasa Malaysia,
                        spoken: Cantonese, Mandarin
                        spoken, not fluent : Dutch, Hakka, Hokkien

Current Positions

Assistant General Manager, R&D MS Elevators Sdn Bhd

General Manager, MS Systems Software Sdn Bhd

I am looking for
First-rate projects in electronics and software. Will relocate.


Experience in building, training and leading development teams, and
in the management of development Labs. Used to working with available
or limited resources.
Design and build of electronic systems - hardware, software, analog or
digital. Extensive experience in microprocessor systems,
elevator controllers, analog parametric testers, device drivers,
control programs, HDL design for FPGA/CPLD,  
PIC16F88/16F84 in-circuit emulator,
building automation, SCADA
systems, distributed control systems and fire alarm systems.

Adapted to Internet-based design resources: forums, newsgroups and Open
Source projects.

Recent Projects
Escalator Modbus SCADA for Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit Line 2
Escalator Modbus SCADA for Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit Line 1
Destination Control System for Toshina CV300 elevators- Quill Sentral
Elevator Controller (Geared and Gearless)
Low-cost OMAP3 ARM7 Linux-based Elevator Displays & Controllers.
Low-cost very long distance (km) high speed (100-Kbps) rs-485 communications.
Low-cost OMAP3 ARM7 Linux-based Elevator Displays & Controllers.
Low-cost Elevator Stereo Speech Annunciator
Low-cost Full-speed Realtime Elevator Protocol Translators
Low-cost Ismeca-FETTest Interface Analyzer, with USB Interface (12-channel logic analyzer)
Linux embedded systems (x86, MIPS32, and ARM7).
Linux 2.6 USB Vendor-Specific Device Drivers.
KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) extensions
QEMU (processor emulator) extensions
Linux kernel 2.6.2x PCI & ISA bus device drivers
Low-cost FETtest 3600E (Semiconductor Parametric Tester) Speed Upgrade
Electronics for Shinkawa SDW35 Diebonder Speed Upgrade
Shinkawa SDW35 (Diebonder CPP-105 & Wirebonder CPP-102) SECS/GEM retrofit in 8088 binary
Servomotor controllers: Shinkawa SDW35 and PIC-based.
Linux System & Network Administration: bash scripting
Linux PC Assembly Language: nasm, ndisasm.
Web Administrator, 2004-2007, IEEE Malaysia Section
Linux 2.4 Device Drivers:  ISA Bus 8255 IO Card.
Network Security:  Linux firewall, iptables, Openssh tunnelling, squid, WiFi.
Secure Webserver:  Linux/Apache, https, VPN.
Design and build of  PC Card Full-frame video digitiser , Web-based burglar alarm system
Design and build of  semiconductor assembly equipment (diebonders, wirebonders and parametric
testers) electronics: microprocessor controllers, bus translators , IO/Timer cards,   motor drives, non-stick detectors, power supplies, device drivers, realtime control programs.

Design & build of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and building automation
systems: microprocessor-systems for front-end IO, host computer programming, long-distance (5km)
serial interface, transducer interface.

Concurrent design of digital synchronous logic for FPGA and CPLD using CAD systems (Altera HDL
and VHDL with MAXPlus II) and Visual C/C++ with Windows NT.

Design of analog interfaces, bus systems, low-speed modems, linear power supplies, current sources,
ADC, DAC, etc.

Software design of application programs, realtime programs, device drivers, microkernels, and embedded
programs; mostly working in C, C++, assembly language, Windows NT, Linux, DOS, and VMS.

Recent Work
Pervasive Wireless Networked Linux laptops as semiconductor assembly equipment controllers.
Linux Embedded PCs: firewalls, routers, webservers, device drivers.
PC ISA and PCI bus card design, DEC-PC bus translators and vision processors.  Microcontroller-based stepper motor drive.
Windows NT device drivers.

PC printer-port dongle security : demonstrated its vulnerability by cracking it (Rainbow Technologies Sentinel) three times with different methods: software-only, hardware-only
(built an identical dongle - new software releases run without modification) and combination hardware-
software (able to crack any new dongle).

Current Interests
My current interests are internet appliances, cryptography, internet alarm systems and image

Work Experience
I have 20 years experience in 3 different industries: semiconductor manufacturing, oil & gas utilities and
building automation.

Semiconductor Manufacturing 1991 - 2009
Design of semiconductor assembly equipment. Completed projects are Philips Semiconductors BIM-2
series ie, parametric tester (PARSET 2), die-bonder(ADAT 2) and wire-bonder (PHICOM 2). BIM-2 uses innovative realtime Windows NT and CPLD in-system reconfigurable hardware towards a generic equipment model (GEM) architecture.
Also completed are 20+ units Hewlett Packard generic RF parametric testers for wafer probe and final test. Worked on three locations, in Seremban - Malaysia(ON Semiconductor/Motorola),  Nijmegen - The Netherlands (Philips Semiconductors), and Penang - Malaysia (Hewlett Packard).
My specialty in HP was in EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), as per European Union directive.

The Philips BIM-2 line are high-speed reel-to-reel integrated manufacturing systems running at a top
speed of  15K units per hour. The novelty here is the use of Windows NT for high-performance soft
realtime control work. I implemented realtime features in Windows NT necessary for the control program.
The HP Malaysia testers are specialised for microwave devices with a top speed of 6K units per hour.
They are built from ground-up with HP and local resources.

Utilities and Oil & Gas 1985 - 1990
Design, repair & commissioning of industrial electronic systems for the utilities(electrical, water and
mass transit), oil & gas installations (onshore & offshore flow measurement and platform remote control). Major projects were REE (Red Elektrika de Espana), Hongkong MRT, Bekok-C platform Flow Computers, Semangkok A & B platforms remote control.
Worked in two locations: Chippenham- UK (Westinghouse Systems Ltd) and offshore/onshore Kertih (Dectra).

I was also electronics field engineer (microwave survey & GPS systems) aboard the survey ship Teknik Samudra.

In Westinghouse I was among the 5 software designers responsible for designing and maintaining
VAX 11/780 VMS C master programs for the other engineers to copy. I was responsible for the portion
that did front-end data gathering and hot-standby networked(DECnet) hosts.

In Dectra (an ESSO/Petronas subcontractor), I designed hot-standby and monitoring flow computers that calculate oil & gas flow in pipelines in realtime. This was done using Analog Devices MACSYM computer, IBM PC compatibles and HP 9000 series 300. I also maintained old ESSO flow computers including the Daniel
digital and  analog flow computers.

Commercial Building Systems 1983 - 1988
Design and prototyping of building automation, fire alarm and security systems for commercial
buildings. Major project was Perangsang International building automation. Work done was in PJ
(Powermatics and Dectra).
At Dectra, I designed a local second-source for the original Microcontrol (Belgian) Tadpole system, and
rewrote the control software for the host computer, porting from PDP 11 and Ultrix to PC and SCO Xenix.
The hardware cost savings was 10X, and the software speed improved 4X.

University Thesis, 1984 68000 Microprocessor System, Design & Build.
Motorola MC68000 16-bit Development Machine

Industrial Training (Internship)
Powermatics - doing fire alarm systems, security systems and building automation.
Perak River Hydroelectric Power Co - doing power generation, distribution, protection systems. Also repair of motors, circuit breakers and transformers.

Small Projects
6502-based EPROM programmer, 8052AH-based PLC, 2400 baud modem for packet radio, ultrasonic
motion detector, 8035-based advanced non-stick detector (for wirebond quality), PIC16F84-based
stepper motor controller, PC ISA Bus Analyzer and linear power supplies, and printer port dongles.
Flash/EEPROM/EPROM/RAM programmer

Operating Systems
Linux 1.2 to 2.6.18 (Slackware),
Windows XP, 2000
Windows NT 3.5 to 4.0, Windows 95 to 98, Windows 3.0 to 3.11,
MS DOS 1.0 to 6.22, VMS, CP/M, and MP/M.

Programming Languages
C++, C, ADA95, Pascal, Fortran 77 & IV, BASIC and Forth.  Assembly languages: Pentium, 80386, 80286,
8088, 8051, 8048, 8035, 8085, 68000, 6809, 6802, 6502, Z80, DEC T11 and J11, Microchip PIC16F84 and PIC16F88.
Major compilers are gnu gcc and Visual C++.
Assembly Language work in xasm, Microsoft MASM, Linux nasm/ndisasm

Hardware Description Languages: AHDL (Altera HDL) and VHDL.

Military History - Second World, Korean, Vietnam,  Gulf, American Civil, Chinese Civil, and First World

Repair, Upgrade & Overclock. Obsolete PCs.
Homebrew - Electronics: home control, alarm systems, Linux, printer port dongles, smartcards, EPROM
emulators, and linear power supplies.

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